ahr (gargouillade) wrote,

Existentialist mid-life crisis, twenty years too early.

I'm doing nothing - school, ballet class, haven't been to any shows except for Dresden Dolls / Count Zero since August. Current status so far this year: Tiger Army, The Business, 12 Step Rebel, The Cure, Interpol, The Killers, Ratatat, The Disasters, Skinny Puppy, Tweaker, The Hunger, Orgy, Animals of the Bible, and one other band that I keep thinking is ALSO named 'The Disasters,' and ... hopefully not.

Sixteen so far this year - not great, but it's not bad. I almost want to go see Morissey, but I'm not paying $34 bucks for a show. I refused to pay $35 for The Pixies last night; next Thursday and a dollar don't make a huge difference.

I had my yearly midlife crisis last night, but it was almost exactly the same one that I had last year before my birthday. I'm starting to stagnate. Nothing ever changes.
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